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華麗宮蒸點 | STEAMED
0. 瑤柱香茜帶子餃(SP)

Scallop and coriander dumplings

1. 金牌蝦餃皇(4PCS)(L)

Grandeur Crystal Shrimp Dumplings

2. 至尊燒麥皇(4PCS)(L)

Steamed pork siu mai with shrimps

3. 芹香鮮蝦韭菜餃(4PCS)(L)

Celery, shrimps and leek dumplings

4. 潮州蒸粉棵(4PCS)(M)

Steamed dumplings filled with dried shrimps andpeanuts

5. 陳皮牛肉球(4PCS)(L)

steamed beef meat balls

6. 醬皇蒸鳳爪(M)

Steamed chicken feet with black bean sauce

7. 香芋蒸排骨(M)

Steamed spareribs with taro

8. 薑蔥牛百葉

Steamed beef trip with ginger and scallions

9. 咖喱墨魚仔

Steamed mini cuttlefish with curry sauce

10. 紫菜糯米卷(L)

Steamed glutinous rice & diced Chinese sausage seaweed rolls

11. 蟲草花鮮竹卷(M)

Steamed bean curd sheet rolls filled with pork and cordyceps flower

12. 荷香珍珠雞(L)

Steamed sticky rice dumpling filled with chicken & egg yolk wrapped in lotus leaves

13. 五香蘿蔔牛什(MP)

Five spices beef offal meat & tumip


Steamed mutl layers cake with egg yolk

15.蜜汁叉燒飽 (3PCS)(S)

Honey BBQ pork buns

16.薑粒滑雞飽 (3PCS)(M)

Steamed chicken & ginger buns


Steamed lava salty egg yolk buns


Steamed black glutinous rice dumpling with salty egg yolk


Steamed sticky rice dumpling with spices meat


Steamed Chicken, Chinese sausage & fungus on rice | (需時約25分鐘 Requires 25 mins cooking time)


Steamed chicken feet & spareribs on rice | (需時約25分鐘 Requires 25 mins cooking time)


Steamed Chinese sausages on rice | (需時約25分鐘 Requires 25 mins cooking time)

華麗宮煎炸 | CRISPY

23. 椒鹽多春魚(L)

Deep fried capelin fish with salt & pepper

24. 蜂巢炸芋角(M)

Deep fried taro dumplings with minced meat

25. 鮮肉時菜生煎包(M)

Pan-searling mini buns with minced pork & vegetables


Deep fried spices octopus tentacles


Honey beef short ribs

28. 金珠鹹水角(4PCS)(MP)

Deep fried savory glutinous rice dumplings with minced pork

29. 金甲龍珠球(3PCS)(MP)

Deep fried shrimp dragon balls coated with almond flakes

30. 香芋炸春卷(3PCS)(M)

Deep fried Spring rolls with minced taro

31. 香煎蘿蔔糕 (M)

Pan searing turnip cake with chinses sausages

32. 五香芋頭糕 (M)

Pan searing taro cake

33. 脆皮明蝦餃 (M)

Deep fried shrimp dumplings

34. 金牌叉燒酥 (L)

Baked BBQ pork puff pastry


35. 鮮蝦豆苗腸(L)

Rice rolls wrapped with shrimps & snow pea leaves

36. 香茜牛肉腸(L)

Rice rolls wrapped with minced beef & parsley

37. 蜜汁叉燒腸粉(L)

Rice rolls wrapped with shredded honey barbecue pork

38. 榨菜肉絲刮刮腸(L)

Rice rolls wrapped with shredded pork & preserved mustard

39. 軟滑白板腸(L)

Plain rice rolls

40. 明火白粥油條或牛脷酥(M)

Plain congee & crispy dough combo

41. 皮蛋瘦肉粥(L)

Pork & preserved duck egg congee

42. 柴魚花生粥(L)

Dried fish & peanuts congee

43. 生滾及第粥(L)

Congee with assorted meat (Pork, liver & belly)


44. 缘茶雪山鲍(M)

Baked matcha snow buns

45. 合桃豆沙角(M)

Deep fried with walnuts red bean paste dumplings

46. 蓮茸煎堆仔(4PCS)(M)

Deep fried lotus paste sesame balls

47. 薑汁紅糖糕 (M)

Pan Searing brown sugar ginger soft balls

48. 酥皮雞蛋撻(3PCS) (M)

Baked egg custard tarts

49. 紅棗層層糕 (M)

Multi-layers chinses red dates cake

50. 薑汁燉鮮奶 (M)

Steamed ginger milk puddling

51. 飄香榴蓮酥 (L)

Durian puff pastry

52. 紅糖發發糕 (M)

Steamed brown sugar sponge cake

53. 魚型芒果布丁 (M)

Fish shaped cold mango pudding

54. 果仁甜薄撐 (L)

Pan searing crape roll wrapped with nuts $ sugar

燒味 | BBQ

55. 鹵水豬肚

Spiced pork belly

56. 燒味雙拼飯(指定品種另外收費$3.00)

Two kinds of roasted combo on rice(Additional charged $3.00 for specific items)

57. 蜜汁叉燒飯

Honey BBQ pork on rice

58. 明爐脆皮燒肉

Roasted pork

59. 白雲鳳爪

Cold spiced chicken feet

60. 五香牛腱海藻

Five spices beef shank

61. 明爐燒鴨(半隻)

Half roasted duck



Roasted duck with noodles soup

63. 蒜香蜜糖雞翅(6PCS)

Honey chicken wings

64. 金沙脆皮豆腐粒

Crispy tofu cubes coated with salty egg yolk

65. 杬菜肉碎四季豆

Wok-fried string beans with preserved olive vegetables & minced pork

66. 薑汁炒芥蘭

Stir-fried chinese brocoll with ginger wine sauce

67. 椒鹽孖寶(茄子/皇子菇)

Crispy fried eggplant & king mushrooms sprinkled with salt & pepper

68. 話梅豬手

Braised pork knuckles with preserved dried plums

69. 油鹽水浸菜芯苗

Poached chinese greens in plain soup

70. 煎讓尖椒

Pan searing stuffed hot pepper


71. 薑蔥龍蝦炆伊麵

Braised E-fu noodles with fresh lobster & ginger scallions

72. 生炒臘味糯米飯

Stir-fried glutinous rice chinese sausages

73. XO醬銀魚仔炒腸粉

Stir-fried plain rice rolls with string beans pumpkin & mini silver fish


Pan searing vermicelli with shredded beef tenderloin & preserved mustard greens


Slices beef brisket with flat rice noodles in soup

76. 馬拉盞銀魚仔炒麵

Stir-fired noodles with belacan & mini silver fish

77. 正宗擔擔麵

Dan-dam noodles szchuan style

78. 瑤柱桂花新竹米

Stir-fired taiwanese style vermicelli with scrambled egg & conpoy

79. 星洲炒米粉

Stir-fried vermicelli Singapore style

80. 津菜臘味炒年糕

Stir-fried glutinous rice cake plieces with chinese sausage & cabbage

81. 廣東炒麵

Cantonese style chow-mein

82. 金沙姜米蝦仁炒飯

Fried rice with shrimps, mince ginger & salty egg yolk

83. 乾炒牛河粉

Stir-fried flat rice noodles with flank steak & soy sauce

84. 瑤柱蛋白海皇粒炒飯

Fried rice with assorted diced seafood and egg white

85. 地道排骨腸粉煲

Spareribs and plain rice rolls in casserole pot

86. 涼瓜味菜斑腩炒河粉(特價)

Stir-fried flat rice noodles with grouper brisket & bitter melon, preserved mustard in black bean sauce

87. 立魚兩食:1.滾粥 2.椒鹽或豉汁骨腩

Fresh tilapia two courses: 1. fillet of tilapia congee 2. Steamed fish bone & brisket in black bean sauce or crispy fried sprinkled with salt & pepper

88. 原籠溫哥華蟹飯

Steamed Vancouver crab & fried rice wrapped in lotus leaves